Reference of Seismic Reduction and Isolation Products


No.Project namePlaceDateProductQTY(pcs)
1Xinjiang Tiantie Engineering Materials Co., Ltd.Urumqi, XinjiangJun-23Rubber bearing236
2Hohhot Psychiatric Rehabilitation Hospital Nursing Center ProjectHohhot, Inner MongoliaMay-23Rubber bearing94
3Medical Capacity Improvement Project of Nileke County People's Hospital of Ili PrefectureXinjiang-IliApr-23Rubber bearing292
4Taiyuan Xiaodian SG2075 plot primary school project general contracting projectTaiyuan ShanxiApr-23Rubber mounts, viscous dampers88
5Weinan Sixth Hospital (Municipal Infectious Disease Hospital) Construction ProjectShaanxi-WeinanApr-23Seismic isolation rubber bearing, ESB378
6Kunhua International Hospital of Yunnan ProvinceKunming, YunnanJul-23Viscous damper391
8Liangshan Prefecture Science and Education Park and Medical Education Service Project (Second Bid Section)Sichuan-XichangFeb-23Rubber bearing298
10Kunming Greenland East Coast Garden KCC No. 2011-34 Haishang Yayuan ProjectKunming, YunnanJan-23Rubber bearing119
11Midu Fuyaju ProjectYunnan-DaliOct-22Rubber bearing109
12Wuhai No.11 Middle SchoolInner Mongolia-WuhaiSep-22Rubber bearings, tensile devices224
13Yuxi Third People's Hospital Relocation ProjectYunnan-YuxiSep-22Rubber bearing401
14Wujinshan Middle School Renovation and Expansion ProjectShanxi-JinzhongSep-22Rubber bearing374
15Shantou Sanhe Middle School Comprehensive Renovation ProjectGuangdong-ShantouAug-22Friction pendulum bearing, wind resistance device109
16Sichuan Changzheng Cadre College Ludingqiao BranchSichuan-GanziAug-22buckling restraint brace420
17The first phase construction project of Chengdu University Institute of Biological and Medical Frontier TechnologyChengdu, SichuanJul-22Rubber bearing96
18Sanxingdui Museum ProjectSichuan-DeyangJun-22Viscous damper120
19China Railway 14th Bureau Group Fourth Engineering Co., Ltd. Luntai BranchXinjiang-BazhouJun-22Viscous damper345
20Xichang JMRH Project 53049 HospitalSichuan-XichangMay-22Rubber bearings, viscous dampers, anti-overturning and isolation steel bearings151
21Yancheng Second People's Hospital Renovation and Expansion ProjectYanchengMay-22Friction damper, metal damper361
22Kunming Wujiaba Area Shantytown Renovation (Plot 10) ProjectKunming, YunnanMay-22Rubber bearing145
23Zhaosu County No. 7 Middle SchoolXinjiang-IliApr-22Rubber bearing430
24Lancang County 2018 Urban Village Shantytown Renovation Project Resettlement House Construction Project on Lot 1Yunnan-Pu'erMar-22Rubber bearing294
26Changji Prefecture People's Hospital New Area Hospital Construction Project (Phase I)Xinjiang-ChangjiMay-22Rubber bearing598 
27Buildings 1# and 6# of the inpatient department of Changji People’s Hospital Medical Treatment Center System Construction ProjectXinjiang-ChangjiJun-21Rubber bearing110 
28Kunming Dongchuan District No. 3 Middle School, No. 5 Primary School, and District-level Demonstration Kindergarten Construction EPC Design and Construction General Contracting Project No. 3 Middle SchoolKunming, YunnanMay-22Rubber bearing272
29Buildings 1# and 6# of the inpatient department of Changji People’s Hospital Medical Treatment Center System Construction ProjectXinjiang-ChangjiJun-21Rubber bearing110 
30The first bid section of the main body of the medical treatment center system construction project of Changji People's Hospital (outpatient and emergency medical technology building)Xinjiang-ChangjiMay-21Rubber bearing261