Other Seismic Isolation Devices

Other Seismic Isolation Devices

Enhance structural integrity with our advanced Tensile Device TD and Wind Resistant Device WD to protect your structure from strong winds. Protect life and property by increasing the resilience of your buildings with our innovative building isolation soft joints.

Choose confidence, choose safety – choose our seismic mitigation solutions for a secure and resilient future.

Types of Other Seismic Isolation Devices

Tensile Device
A tensile device is mainly composed of a slide rail, a slide block, a rubber pad and a connecting part. The sliders can slide freely on the rails to provide horizontal freedom, while the sliders latch onto the rails to resist pulling forces. In the isolation building, the rubber isolation bearing is used at the same time to share the vertical tensile stress caused by the earthquake and improve the anti-overturning performance of the isolation building.
Wind Resistance Device
A wind-resisting device consisting of a connecting part and a partially weakened metal column. It is mainly used in the isolation building when the rubber isolation bearing cannot meet the basic wind load, and the automatic failure of the device does not affect the overall seismic performance of the isolation building in the case of medium and large earthquakes.
Building Isolation Soft Connection
A flexible pipe that can meet the horizontal displacement requirements of the isolation layer when the equipment pipe passes through the isolation layer.

Benefits of Tiantie Other Seismic Isolation Devices

The advantages of Tiantie's other supporting products lie in their excellent functions and diverse applications. Including anti-seismic hangers, viscous dampers, wind-resistant and tensile devices, and building isolation soft connections, etc., can effectively improve the safety and disaster resistance of buildings, and reduce the damage to buildings caused by natural disasters such as earthquakes and wind disasters. degree. 

At the same time, these seismic isolators can also provide a good working environment, reduce the impact of vibration and noise on the human body, and create a safer and more comfortable space for people's life and work. No matter in the fields of construction, bridges, subways, etc., Tiantie's products can play an important role in providing reliable support and protection for various engineering projects.

FAQs of Other Seismic Isolation Devices

How does the anti-seismic support and hanger of Tiantie work?

Tiantie's anti-seismic support hanger is installed in the building structure and uses professional rubber and metal materials to reduce the vibration and swing of the building during an earthquake. Supports and hangers protect the structural integrity of buildings by absorbing shock energy, distributing loads and limiting displacement.

How does a viscous damper function as a shock absorber?

A viscous damper is a device that absorbs shock and vibration through the frictional damping mechanism of the internal metal viscous material. It can effectively absorb and disperse external shocks such as earthquakes and wind disasters, reduce the vibration amplitude and swing of buildings, and improve their earthquake resistance.

What are the characteristics of Tiantie's anti-wind and tensile devices?

Tiantie's wind and tension device is a wind and tension system specially designed for buildings. Through reasonable structural design and high-strength materials, it can effectively resist the push and pull of strong winds on buildings and protect the safety of building structures.

How do building isolation soft connections work?

The building seismic isolation soft connection is a connection device that uses flexible materials in the building structure. It can release energy through elastic deformation and energy absorption under the action of earthquake or other external forces, reduce the degree of vibration transmitted to the building structure, and protect the safety of the main structure.

Which fields are Tiantie's products suitable for?

Tiantie's products are widely used in construction, bridges, subways and other fields. Whether it is a new project or a renovation of an existing building, Tiantie's products can provide reliable support and protection for the project, and improve the safety and disaster resistance of the building.

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