Linfen Central Hospital Outpatient and Inpatient Building Expansion Project

Project products: Tiantie's anti-seismic equipment, including anti-seismic isolation bearings, earthquake shock absorbers and booms 

Location: Linfen Central Hospital

Problems solved: By using Tiantie's anti-seismic equipment, we ensure that the expanded outpatient department and inpatient department remain stable and safe when an earthquake occurs, reducing earthquake damage to the building; and ensuring that the hospital can continue to provide emergency medical services during and after earthquakes.


The Linfen Central Hospital Outpatient and Inpatient Building Expansion Project is a significant healthcare infrastructure development. This project aims to expand the hospital’s capacity and improve its facilities, ensuring it can provide high-quality medical services to a larger number of patients.

Tiantie, a renowned brand in the field of construction and civil engineering, is known for its high-quality seismic isolation devices. These devices are crucial in areas prone to seismic activity, as they protect buildings from the damaging effects of earthquakes.

In the context of the Linfen Central Hospital Expansion Project, Tiantie’s seismic isolation devices could play a vital role. They could be used in the construction of the new outpatient and inpatient buildings to ensure their stability and safety during seismic events.

These devices, including seismic isolation bearings, dampers, and hangers, would allow the building to move with the ground motion during an earthquake, reducing the forces transmitted to the structure and preventing damage. This is particularly important for a hospital building, as it needs to remain operational during and after an earthquake to provide emergency medical services.