PE Water Supply Pipe

Compared with the traditional metal water supply pipe, PE water supply pipe will not rust, has good corrosion resistance, sanitary performance and very long service life. The service life of PE water supply pipe is more than 50 years, which is confirmed by the international standard and has been tested by practice.

PE water supply pipe has unique flexibility and good scratch resistance. Good flexibility enables PE water supply pipe to be coiled, avoiding a large number of joints and pipe fittings. PE water supply pipe buried pipe is a dry "flexible pipe", which is certainly inferior to cement pipe and metal pipe in terms of strength and rigidity, but under correct design and laying construction, PE water supply pipe is jointly loaded with the surrounding soil. Therefore, the PE water supply pipe does not need too high rigid strength to bear the water supply and drainage task at all.

At the same time, PE water supply pipe is a kind of high toughness material, the pressure relaxation characteristic of polyethylene can effectively consume stress through deformation, its actual axial stress level is much lower than the theoretical value, and its elongation at break is generally 500%, and the bending radius can be as small as 20 to 25 times the pipe diameter, these characteristics make it a good pipeline to resist earthquake, foundation settlement and temperature difference expansion. For example, in the 1995 Kobe earthquake in Japan, PE water supply pipes and gas pipes were spared.

Features of PE Water Supply Pipe

  • There are many kinds of products: Using PE pipe professional production equipment, continuous innovation, with a variety of PE pipe types, customized production, product corrosion resistance, pressure resistance, no scale and other advantages.

  • Wide range of use: Widely used in various industries, whether urban water pipes, or plant buried water supply system, industrial and water treatment pipeline system, and through various tests and certificates.

  • The product price is low: PE tube customized production, the factory has a high ratio of direct selling performance to price, integrating R & D, manufacturing and sales, eliminating intermediate links, short cycle, fast delivery, customized production.

  • Perfect after-sales service: After-sales network covers the whole country, the whole process tracking service, rapid response to after-sales service guarantee, fast production scheduling.

Application of PE Water Supply Pipe

  • Because of its unique advantages, polyethylene PE pipe is widely used in building water supply, building drainage, buried drainage pipe, building heating, gas pipe, electrical and telecommunications protection casing, industrial pipe, agricultural pipe and so on.

  • As a professional drainage pipe factory, Tiantie's PE pipe is mainly used in urban water supply, urban gas supply and farmland irrigation and other fields.

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