High Damping Rubber Bearing

The high damping rubber bearing is a type of seismic isolators for buildings. This laminated composite rubber isolation bearing with high damping performance is made by adding various ingredients in the natural rubber. The high damping rubber bearing not only maintains the good mechanical properties of the natural rubber bearing, but also has a high damping ratio, which can effectively absorb the seismic energy in the earthquake and reduce the impact of the earthquake. 

Features of High Damping Rubber Bearing

  • Green and environmentally friendly;

  • No lead pollution.

Application of High Damping Rubber Bearing

This high damping rubber bearing is widely used in seismic isolation design and seismic reinforcement renovation of bridges, buildings, hydropower projects and other civil structures.

Specification of High Damping Rubber Bearing

Specifications (diameter, mm)/D400D500D600D700D800D900D1000
Shear modulus GMpa0.
Total height of bearing Hmm178201223267302353390
Total thickness of rubber layer Trmm7493111129147166184
First form factor S1/≥15≥15≥15≥15≥15≥15≥15
Second form factor S2/≥5≥5≥5≥5≥5≥5≥5
Vertical compression stiffness KvkN/mm1350175019502450295036504450
Horizontal equivalent stiffness (Shear strain 100%) KeqkN/mm0.981.221.491.731.982.242.48
Yield force QkN2336537395120149
Stiffness after yield KdkN/mm0.680.841.021.191.361.531.7
Stiffness before yield KikN/mm8.
Equivalent damping ratio heq/18.00%18.00%18.00%18.00%18.00%18.00%18.00%

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