Viscoelastic Damper

Viscoelastic damper is a special viscous material that mainly relies on the hysteretic energy dissipation characteristics of viscoelastic materials to provide additional stiffness and damping to the structure and reduce the dynamic response of the structure to achieve the purpose of structural shock absorption (vibration). Viscoelastic damper absorbs the energy generated by building vibration through shear deformation under the action of external force, converts it into heat energy, and ultimately reduces the building vibration response.

Features of Viscoelastic Damper

  • Reliable performance, simple structure and convenient support.

  • Carrying energy consumption while taking care of it.

  • It can provide stiffness and large damping force to the structure.

  • The service life is the same as the building design service life.

Application of Viscoelastic Damper

  • As a common type of earthquake shock absorbers, this viscoelastic damper is suitable for multi-story, high-rise, super high-rise, bridges, pipelines, towers, high-rise structures and long-span structures, seismic lifeline projects, wind resistance and vibration resistance, earthquake resistance and vibration reduction and other new projects.

  • These viscoelastic dampers can also be used for the reinforcement and seismic damage of earthquake-damaged structures, post-restoration project.

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