Mild Steel Damper

This steel damper is made of mild steel material, which has the characteristics of low yield strength, large ductility and good energy dissipation capacity, and accumulates plastic deformation through bending and shear deformation of mild steel, so as to achieve the purpose of dissipating structural energy.

Features of Mild Steel Damper

  • Strong energy dissipation capacity

  • Good economy

  • Have little influence on the function of the building.

  • Easy to install and replace

  • Maintenance-free

  • The service life is the same as that of the architectural design

Application of Mild Steel Damper

  • As a common type of earthquake shock absorbers, this mild steel damper is used in new engineering projects such as schools, hospitals, large-scale public buildings, industrial factories, parking lots, bridges and municipal engineering

  • As well as seismic strengthening and reconstruction of existing buildings and other engineering applications.

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