Viscous Damper

Viscous damper is a kind of damping device which is composed of high strength metal cylinder, piston, guide rod, sealing element and viscous damping fluid. When the cylinder and the piston move each other, a throttling damping force caused by the movement of the built-in viscous damping fluid can absorb and consume the impact energy of the earthquake on the building structure to the maximum extent and alleviate the impact and damage caused by the earthquake to the building structure.

Features of Viscous Damper

  • Has good reliability and speed damper

  • Strong ability to resist ultimate impact

  • Installation, maintenance and replacement are simple and convenient

Application of Viscous Damper

As a common type of earthquake shock absorbers, these viscous dampers are widely used in damping design of high-rise buildings, seismic strengthening and reconstruction, aerospace, machinery, industrial pipeline equipment, bridges, military and other fields.

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