Buckling Restrained Brace

Buckling restrained brace is a metal tension-compression type energy-dissipating shock-absorbing device. Buckling restrained brace can support the axial force of the full load-bearing surface regardless of tension or compression. Compared with traditional support members, buckling restrained brace has more stable mechanical properties. Under compression, buckling restrained brace shows the same hysteretic performance and excellent energy dissipation capacity as under tension. This characteristic allows it to not only provide the necessary lateral stiffness, but also add damping to the structure, reducing the risk of the structure in rare earthquakes. Vibration response under action.

Features of Buckling Restrained Brace

  • Consider both load carrying and energy consumption.

  • Minimized appearance and flexible layout.

  • Good ductility and hysteresis properties.

  • The bearing capacity is not limited by the length of the rod.

  • The service life is the same as the building design service life.

Application of Buckling Restrained Brace

  • As a common type of earthquake shock absorbers, this buckling restrained brace is mainly used for new construction projects such as schools, hospitals, large public buildings, public places with high density of people, industrial plants, parking lots, bridges, municipal projects, power towers, boiler supports, etc.

  • As well as for the seismic reinforcement and renovation of existing buildings.

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