Natural Rubber Bearing

A natural rubber bearing is a type of seismic isolators for buildings. This type of seismic isolation bearing is made from natural rubber material that is used to reduce vibration and noise in machinery and equipment. A natural rubber bearing absorbs shocks and impacts, provides flexibility, and helps prevent friction and wear, making it ideal for many applications.

Features of Natural Rubber Bearing

  • The support is processed as a whole, more reliable connection.

  • Excellent performance.

  • Longer service life.

Specification of Natural Rubber Bearing

Specifications (diameter, mm)/D400D500D600D700D800D900D1000D1100D1200D1300D1400D1500D1600
Shear modulus GMpa0.
Total height of bearing Hmm178201223267302353390435462490501501501
Total thickness of rubber layer Trmm7493111129147166184202221240240240240
First form factor S1/≥15≥15≥15≥15≥15≥15≥15≥15≥15≥15≥15≥15≥15
Second form factor S2/≥5≥5≥5≥5≥5≥5≥5≥5≥5≥5≥5≥5≥5
Vertical compression stiffness KvkN/mm130017001900240029003600440053006000680083001000011900
Horizontal equivalent stiffness(Shear strain 100%)KeqkN/mm0.680.841.021.191.361.531.71.882.052.212.562.943.34

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