Friction Pendulum Seismic Isolation

The friction pendulum isolator is composed of steel and friction materials like friction pendulum bearing. The natural vibration period of the upper structure is extended by the relative sliding of the spherical sliding surface. The appropriate radius of curvature of the sliding surface is selected according to the required natural vibration period. The damping coefficient is controlled by the friction coefficient; The sliding limit bolt is set to ensure the stability of the building in non-earthquake, and easy to cut in earthquake to ensure the deformation capacity.

Features of Friction Pendulum Seismic Isolation

  • Self-reset after earthquake.

  • The vibration period has nothing to do with the carried mass.

Application of Friction Pendulum Seismic Isolation

As a common type of seismic isolators, the friction pendulum system are mainly used in friction pendulum seismic isolation design and seismic reinforcement renovation of buildings, bridges and other civil structures.

Specification of Friction Pendulum Seismic Isolation

Support specificationVertical bearing capacitySupport heightVertical compression stiffnessFriction coefficient (slow) 0.02Friction coefficient (fast) 0.05
Stiffness before yieldEquivalent stiffnessStiffness before yieldEquivalent stiffness
FPS II-Vertical bearing capacity (kN)-HbKvKpKeffKpKeff
Ultimate displacement (mm)-Swing period (s)kNmmkN/mmN/mmN/mmN/mmN/mm
FPS II-1000-250-3.811000105667800056620000998
FPS II-2000-250-3.8120001251333160001132400001996
FPS II-3000-250-3.8130001402000240001697600002993
FPS II-4000-250-3.8140001552667320002263800003991
FPS II-5000-250-3.81500017033334000028291000004989
FPS II-6000-250-3.81600018540004800033951200005987
FPS II-7000-250-3.81700020046675600039601400006984

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