Cooperation and Win-Win Situation | Tiantie Group and China Railway Construction (Wuxi) Sign an Agreement!

Cooperation and Win-Win Situation | Tiantie Group and China Railway Construction (Wuxi) Sign an Agreement!

Tiantie Group and China Railway Construction (Wuxi), as leading enterprises in their respective fields, adopt a collaborative development model of "resource complementarity, benefit sharing, and win-win cooperation", and carry out extensive cooperation in product production and marketing, scientific and technological research and development projects, standard specification establishment and promotion, product testing, and establish a comprehensive strategic partnership.

Introduction to cooperative units

China Railway Construction (Wuxi) Engineering Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a state-owned enterprise jointly controlled by Wuxi Metro Group Co., Ltd., China Railway Construction Co., Ltd., and Wuxi Municipal Public Industry Group Co., Ltd. Established in September 2020, it is a technology enterprise specializing in the integration of prefabricated production chain systems.

As one of its main controlling shareholders, Wuxi Metro Group Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the comprehensive development and utilization of urban subway and its surrounding resources, as well as the investment, financing, construction, operation, and management of ancillary projects. It has always been committed to creating a domestically leading and internationally leading "green, intelligent, innovative, and demonstration" prefabricated building industry chain, forming the "ecosystem" of prefabricated buildings in China.

Cooperation content

1. Cooperation related to product production and marketing. Both parties will deepen cooperation around products and supporting services including but not limited to seismic supports and hangers, embedded channels, steel bar connectors, track plates, sleepers, vibration reduction components, testing and monitoring, and jointly explore new marketing positions.

2. Cooperation in technology research and development projects. Not limited to product research and development in the field of assembly and noise reduction and vibration reduction, as well as the application of digital and information technology in the field of assembly and vibration reduction and noise reduction.

3. Establish and promote cooperation on standards and norms. Both parties gather advantageous resources, share data and services, and formulate enterprise and industry standards and specifications in the direction of comprehensive vibration and noise reduction and prefabricated construction, leading the development of the industry.

4. Cooperation in product testing, monitoring, and testing certification. Not limited to cooperation in testing, monitoring, and product certification related to track engineering structures and prefabricated buildings, actively promoting industry testing and testing base cooperation.

With the official implementation of the new "Law of the People's Republic of China on the Prevention and Control of Noise Pollution" and "Regulations on the Administration of Earthquake Resistance in Construction Projects", the vibration reduction/vibration industry is in a period of rapid development. Against this backdrop, in the future, Tiantie Group and China Railway Construction (Wuxi) will fully integrate and apply their respective high-quality resources, promote resource sharing, achieve complementary advantages, actively expand the industry cooperation space of both parties, and achieve mutual benefit and efficient development.