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"Global expansion and upgrading of railway transportation are seen as crucial for green travel and eco-friendly logistics during the era of climate change." However, it is essential to ensure direct protection for both humans and nature, safeguarding them from destructive vibrations and harmful noise. Tiantiegroup offers effective innovative solutions for railway vibration reduction and noise control, which positively impact the sustainability of the entire system. We invite you to visit us at InnoTrans 2024 to learn more about our contributions to a better future. Let’s work together to build a more environmentally friendly, safe, and comfortable railway transportation system!


The Fastener load measurement system

The fastener load measurement system has multiple force sensors built into the fastener structure, which directly collects the load of train wheels passing through the rail fasteners. It provides a basis for the design optimization of fastener structure and its components:, to optimize and adjust the structure and material of rail fastener according to the data monitored by the rail fastener load. It lays a foundation for the monitoring of wheel-rail relationship in operation and maintenance: monitoring in typical line sections, using long-term monitoring data to establish a correlation with the abnormal state of wheel-rail, and then providing a basis for preventive maintenance of the line, preventing the further development of line diseases, and reducing the later maintenance cost of the line.

Noise barrier 

When new, rebuilt or expanded railway and urban rail transit lines pass through areas where noise sensitive buildings are concentrated, sound barriers should be set up to control and reduce noise pollution of rail transit. The erection of noise barriers has become an important legal measure.

Visit us at stand 290 in hall 25, further information can be found there. We sincerely invite you to come to our booth to learn more about this innovative product and talk with our professional team to discuss how to make greater contributions to the sustainable development of the railway transportation system through advanced technology! Looking forward to seeing you!

Time: 24-27 September 2024

Booth: Hall 25 Stand 290

Messegelande Berlin

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