Chinese-style modernization | Integrated development of transportation and cities


On May 17th-19th, 2024, the National Transportation High-Quality Development Forum and the Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) Committee Annual Meeting, aimed at the Chinese-style modernization, was grandly opened in Chengdu. Tian Iron Corporation, as a co-organizer, attended the conference.

The conference, themed "Chinese-style Modernization: The Mission of National Transportation (TOD) Industry," adhered to the concept of coordinated development of transportation and national spatial planning for Chinese-style modernization, urban agglomeration, metropolitan transportation integration, and regional coordinated development. It comprehensively summarized the breakthrough progress and valuable practical experience in the development of urban rail transit TOD in China, aiming to continuously promote the integration of urban transportation, travel, and TOD smart city construction and operational practices and innovation.


Taking the TOD Annual Meeting as an opportunity, Tiantie discussed with domestic and foreign industry experts the new trends and approaches in China's modern urban construction and smart transportation, contributed wisdom to the development of TOD and urban modernization, injected new impetus into the city, and jointly wrote a new chapter.


Mr. Wang Senrong, the company's executive vice president, attended the meeting and made a report on "Research and Application of Comprehensive Management Measures for Vibration and Noise Reduction in TOD Buildings". Combining the company's advantages and starting from the industry's focus, the company discussed the company's intelligent solutions for the entire ecosystem of TOD buildings, and shared the engineering application examples and experience of Tiantie in TOD projects.


Based on the vibration reduction and noise reduction technology at the vibration source (railway system) and the isolation technology at the target sensitive point (TOD building), new products in the field of vibration reduction and noise reduction in rail transit and the field of building isolation were displayed to better provide high-quality services for TOD projects.

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